CXAN is a distribution network for web technologies-related packages. The content of CXAN is a set of packages for technologies such as XML, Javascript, XQuery, XSLT, RDF, XML Schema, SPARQL, and more. The packages themselves can be libraries, web applications, or command-line applications.

CXAN stands for Comprehensive XML Archive Network. It was born initally to support XML-related technologies such as XQuery and XSLT, but has evolved since then to support way more technologies, and allows to mix them.

The set of packages available on CXAN is maintained by a community. Each package is identfied by a short ID string (such as functx for instance), and is maintained by one maintainer. Each maintainer has a Git repository containing all the packages he/she maintains, in a specific format. Adding new packages to CXAN or updating existing packages is then as easy as pushing changes on those Git repositories monitored by CXAN.

You can find more informaiton about CXAN on the EXPath mailing list.